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Monat_Kunst_Halberstadt e. V.
is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the following purposes:

  1. Monat_Kunst_Halberstadt e.V. plans and stages the MKH Biennale, an international exhibition of contemporary art in Halberstadt, Germany.
  2. The MKH Biennial is conceived as an on-going curated project with changing thematic priorities.
  3. The association will decide on curator applications with a majority vote.
  4. The MKH Biennial offers a platform for contemporary art. We want to raise the region’s profile in the international art world.
  5. We deliberately include non-traditional exhibition spaces in order to develop the whole city as a cultural space and to resuscitate unused sites.
  6. The Biennale operates in the national and international context of art with no restrictions other than those resulting from the Biennale’s theme.
  7. The Biennale features artistic works from all media of contemporary art, e. g. performance, dance, painting, drawing, sculpture, graphics, video, theatre, music, and photography. We want to encourage public dialogue through events such as exhibitions, meetings, conventions, workshops, and study courses.
  8. We understand the Biennale as an art event that may be taking place far from big cities, but nevertheless enables people to participate in a present without borders. The focus does not lie on the Halberstadt region or the cultural area Harz, but rather on the interrelation of global processes and regional developments.


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